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Recent Acting Work:

  • Beach Patrol (link opens in a new window)
  • principal actress on Court TV (link opens in a new window)
  • cable commercial, Astra Zeneca (link opens in new window)
  • featured a model for Heart Health Matters internet campaign, Toys R Us featured model for Bacci Game packaging, featured model for HUMIRA arthritis medicine.
  • Carla was featured on an "Emeril Live"  commercial on the Food Network! (link opens in new window)  
  • Carla won a Leading role as a young Mom in an Educational Home safety Film "Red Rover" scheduled for Fall 2005 release Nationally....
  • Carla also won the spot as the featured cover model for the soon to be launched Latino Market Campaign for the 'Phillip Morris Quit Assist Program"  - Television, Web and Print Campaign!

The facts on NMRI Recording Artist - Carla Virola – Debut CD – “Me”

  • Carla V is a 3 time pre-nominated Grammy singer/ songwriter for her CD “Symmetry in Motion” !
  • Carla V has opened up for Tommy Boy Recording Artist – “AMBER” as well as Interscope Rap Artist, featured on J-Lo’s “Jenny from the Block” video, JADA KISS!
  • Carla V’s music test marketed as Hot Top 20 potential via Promosquad/Hit Predictor, used by the music industry to test radio charting potential to Internet audiences!
  • Several tracks from her Carla V’s solo debut CD “ME” have all appeared on the Record as Top # 1 download! Opposite artists like Madonna, Beyonce Knowles etc.
  • Carla V received a favorable review from the Record’s Fish Food Columnist Guy and won the honor of appearing on their Top Music Downloads Promo CD!
  • Carla V’s song “ Timbalero” appeared in the # 1 position on the New Music Sampler CD at at the Winter Music Conference in Miami 2003!

Carla Virola c/o Next Millennium Records International
244 Fifth Avenue, Suite P-252
New York, NY 10001

For booking information, please contact Carla's management/booking agent:

Gelistar Productions
Phone: 1-866-261-4635

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